Conference Webinar Production

Broadcasting full HD webinars from your conference has never been so easy. With multiple camera angles, integrated Powerpoint feeds, and even social media integration, your audience will feel as if they're actually there!

Now offering Skype and Google Hangout integration. Take your webinar to the next level!

Scaleable e-learning webinar production

Educate your employees with the help of a low-cost webinar series. We can help you produce and stream to the platform of your choice!

From small in-house internal company presentations to enormous main-stage live events, Mainstream Media’s webcasting services are the best in Chicago.

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Webcasting Services Include:

Broadcasts from your office

Our custom-designed webcasting system is compact and completely portable. With our award-winning background in video production, we can make your office look like a professional studio. Webcasting has never been so easy!

Real-time Interactivity

Add private chatrooms, Twitter chats, interactive polls, and more to your webcast. Interactivity keeps your audience engaged and their eyes on your page!

A digital copy of the stream

We’ll record your webcast as it occurs, so by the time it is over we can deliver a full HD recording of your event. Archive your webcast on YouTube, Livestream, Vimeo, or any other platform of your choice – whichever you prefer, we can help.


Create an additional revenue stream. We can work with your team to identify the best option for revenue generation – from paywalls to subscription services or even promotional sponsorship.


Need to webcast your corporate earnings report to your global team? We will keep it safe. Protect your internal presentation with secure log-ins or password-protected access.

Explore some of the ways we’ve helped clients produce successful webcasts!

Webcasting Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the 2014 James Beard Awards Nomination Ceremony
We partnered with the James Beard Foundation to live stream their 2014 nomination ceremony. Unexpectedly, Mayor Rahm Emanuel showed up and had a few things to say before we got started!
Webcasting Malya Villard-Appollon of KOFAVIV at Loyola University with Goldin Institute
We worked with Goldin Institute to bring the advocacy work of Malya Villard-Appollon and her organization KOFAVIV to a global audience.
Multicam webcast production with multiple video sources and a broadcast graphics package
As part of a crowdfunding campaign, we created an ongoing webcast/webinar series for Polar Green LLC. Featuring health and design experts from around the world, these webcasts incorporated multiple camera angles, Skype call-in feeds, and a fully customized broadcast graphics package.