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We provide video production, post-production, and live streaming services in Chicago and beyond.


Video Production Services

As a Chicago video production company, Mainstream excels at creating pixel-perfect videos that capture the essence of your event, conference, or brand. With our specialty in live event videography and live streaming, we are experts at developing content that excites, amazes, and entertains your audience.

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Event Video Production Company

When your event ends, you don’t stop marketing it! Continue to reach your audience with high-quality event video production. Event videos can be used to keep your audience engaged, attract new sponsors, promote new products, and create successful social media marketing campaigns.

Events put everyone interested in your brand – customers, clients, sponsors, and advocates – are all in the same room together. Whether that is a physical room at an in-person event or a virtual room in Zoom, events and conferences create unique opportunities to capture an extraordinary volume of compelling video content that can be used for months to come. Here are a ways we do that:

Live Video Production

Whether you are live streaming or you just want to make it available to your audience afterward, it’s critical to film your live event. And there’s more to a live event than the main stage: the audience, the venue, and even the city itself are all characters in your event’s story. Mainstream’s event videography services capture every shareable moment and all the snackable content your event generates, yielding multiple pieces of dynamic video content that can be used in many ways. Our high-impact, cost-effective production services turn a single event into a year’s worth of content.

Promotional Video Production

To win the hearts and minds of your audience, you need to create authentic stories that fit your brand’s narrative. Mainstream’s documentary-style approach to filmmaking humanizes your brand while elevating its position with story-driven editorial and on-brand motion graphics.

Corporate Video Production

Video production isn’t limited to marketing departments: it’s important to engage our own team, too. Client testimonials, fireside chats, town halls, and internal training videos are all worthy of top-quality production. Mainstream helps companies of all shapes and sizes develop serial or episodic content that employees actually get excited about.

Our Film and Photography Studio: Mainstage Chicago

Located in the West Loop, Mainstage Chicago is built from the ground-up for cinematic perfection. Equipped with state-of-the-art RGB LED lighting, a massive cyclorama soundstage, and redundant fiber Internet, Mainstage is a future-proofed production space available to cinematographers and photographers in Chicago.

How Do We Produce Video Content?

Our human-centric approach to filmmaking focuses on the people and stories that bring a brand, event, or product to life. To find those stories, we ask a lot of questions.

Define Success

Every video is unique, so it’s important to define what success looks like. Maybe it’s total conversions; maybe it’s total views. Maybe it’s just that the video needs to look and sound perfect. Our first conversation focuses on the big picture: we want to know how we can tell if we’ve done a good job!

Concept Development

Next, we dive deep on the content. Pulling from our history of award-winning work as well as your own archive, we develop loose story arcs that will resonate with your audience. As we develop, we build production schedules, timelines, and budgets, keeping you informed along the way.

Create Content

Once we understand your production’s requirements, we create the content. Our award-winning creative services include post-production, video production, live event videography, studio production, and visual branding.

Collect Feedback

The work doesn’t stop just because we’ve finished your video! After it’s published, we help you collect feedback from your audience and team to determine whether our originally defined goals were met. This includes analyzing metrics to determine audience engagement.

Champion Your Audience

There are two ingredients to successful video campaigns: consistency and quality. By listening to your audience, developing multiple versions of your content, and telling authentic stories, Mainstream helps your video content stand out.

Built in Chicago, and trusted by clients around the world

What Matters To Us


As leading suppliers of video production across the US since 2013, we know exactly what is needed for a video to be successful. Our standards are high, and we use the best tools, platforms, and software to achieve them.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity.

Representation matters. Mainstream is committed to improving the presence of historically underrepresented groups, both in front of and behind the camera. We’re committed to transparent diversity goals that move our industry forward.

View our DEA&I policy here.

Efficient Solutions.

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, video production solutions are changing rapidly. Our team of technicians, creatives, and logicians are constantly building and exploring new technologies, to ensure that our clients are using the most efficient – and reliable – creative technology available.

Additional Services and Ideas To Improve Video Production

Remote Production

Plan, record, and produce presentations from anywhere in the world, in full HD.

Captioning and Accessibility

The majority of online audiences watch video content with captioning. We make sure that your content is accessible where and how people want it.

Remote Production Kits

Ship high-quality, easy-to-use production equipment to any of your remote presenters. We handle all logistics and operate the equipment remotely.

Studio Rental in Chicago

Our photo/film studio Mainstage Chicago is available for rental. Ideal for hybrid events, it’s equipped with multiple cameras, cinematic lighting, and multiple fiber Internet connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a video production company?

There are thousands of video production companies to choose from, and the search alone can be overwhelming! We think there are three important aspects to consider when hiring a video production company for the first time. First, do their services match my budget? Second, is their style a good fit for my brand? Third, do they have the experience to accomplish my goals?

How much should video production cost?

It depends! Video production varies in price based on the complexity of the shoot, the experience of the crew, and the type of equipment used. A simple whiteboard explainer video may only cost a few hundred dollars, while a full commercial production could be hundreds of thousands. For us, we’ve found our sweet spot is around $15,000: that gives us enough resources to make beautiful results while keeping production focused and timely.

We’ve found that for content marketing campaigns, 25-30% of your ad budget should be allocated towards production.

Should my company purchase our own film equipment?

If your company is planning to produce episodic or serial content, it can be a good idea to buy your own equipment. You can even build your own podcasting or production studio inside your office with under-utilized space! We’re happy to support this as well, and can make equipment recommendations to streamline your production process.

How can professional video production support my company’s specific needs?

No matter your industry, Mainstream has you covered. Our team has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes, and we’ll tailor our video production to your unique goals and objectives. Here’s how we can help companies like yours: