Statement on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion

Mainstream Media values diversity and the representation of different and unique identities, characteristics, experiences and perspectives. By prioritizing diversity in our hiring process, we believe that our creative potential expands exponentially. Exposure to new ideas and alternative viewpoints reinforce our values of continuous improvement, curiosity, and acceptance.

Historically, the media industry has presented limited opportunities to women and minorities. We believe that everyone deserves to receive what they need to reach their full potential. In order to achieve equity, this means providing enhanced opportunities to those who historically have been under-resourced.

As participants in an industry that has systemically excluded women and minorities, it is our responsibility to support and develop initiatives that right those wrongs. We have set the following goals to improve diversity in our industry:

  • Increase the percentage of crew positions staffed by underrepresented groups, with particular focus on leadership and senior positions.
  • Increase accessibility of events by advocating for tools, technology, and talent that cultivate a more inclusive experience.
  • Improve awareness of our own biases, both conscious and unconscious, by investing in training and workshops taught by industry experts.
  • Share our resources with organizations that support these initiatives.

There is still work to be done when it comes to activating allies internally and externally, and planning events that enact diverse, equitable, and inclusive behaviors. We will work to:

  • Improve our sources for recruiting employees and contractors
  • Implement and evaluate long term tracking of data related to our DEAI goals
  • Support pay equity by identifying, documenting, and eliminating gender and minority wage gaps

There is no quick path to reaching these goals, yet we are committed to continuing the work to build a workplace that celebrates and encourages connection, awareness, empathy, and mutual respect.

This document was initially created in February 2022, and will be updated regularly to reflect our improved understanding of meaningful belonging.

Last updated: March 2, 2022