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We’ve all been to our fair share of company meetings and other corporate events. And chances are, there are some that stick out in your mind…and some that don’t.

Can you recall an especially memorable company event that you’ve attended? What made it so special? How did it make you feel? What results came from it?

The truth is, internal corporate events can make or break your organization. A great one can build momentum for the future, energize employees, connect your team to a shared mission, and set your company apart as an employer. A bad one can leave your team bored, confused, or indifferent.

We can’t forget how expensive corporate meetings are, either. For an average U.S. company, an hour-long meeting with 1,000 attendees costs $29,810. So you better make sure it’s worth it!

If you think your company events aren’t living up to their cost, we have you covered. In this guide, we’re sharing our best tips to improve any type of corporate meeting you have coming up.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step tools and tactics to produce your next corporate event
  • A breakdown by event type, including annual meetings, town halls, sales kickoffs, and more
  • Insights from the experts about how to improve your company meetings


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