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How to Host a Virtual Event: A Step-by-Step Guide

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At this point in our post-pandemic world, none of us are strangers to virtual events. From all-company meetings to virtual fundraisers to livestreams of in-person concerts, galas and more, we’ve all gotten pretty comfortable with watching events from the comfort of our own couches.  But when it comes to producing…

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How To Brand Your Virtual Event | VIDEO

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Virtual Event branding goes beyond the colors, shapes, and fonts you use. It includes how, where, and why you choose to interact with your audience. In this 3-minute recap of our March 31st event, our panel highlights how to make your virtual event’s brand stand out in a sea of…

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Mainstream’s 2021 Transparency Report

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In 2020, Mainstream privately discussed how to improve our support for disenfranchised communities. Ultimately, we recognized that we needed to: unequivocally define and publicly state our principles on diversity, equity, and inclusion; advocate for the advancement of underrepresented groups in our industry; elevate organizations who were already doing this work…

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