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We offer high-quality live streaming production services across the country.


Virtualize Your Event.

Engage, enrich, and entertain your global audience with a high-quality virtual meeting, event, or conference.

Professional live stream production services for brands, venues, and the enterprise

Mainstream Media's best-in-class live streaming services provide enterprise clients, event venues, and conferences with a platform to engage a global audience.


  • Web Design & Graphic Development. We can create a branded landing page for your stream and deploy it on your website or ours. We’ll also create a broadcast graphics package – including lower thirds, bugs, and animated intros & outros – just for your event!
  • Project Management. We will coordinate with your vendors and venues to ensure the highest quality possible for your stream. This frees you to focus on what really matters: the content.
  • Site Surveys. To ensure a picture-perfect event, we personally go to your venue and run a full diagnostic on their Internet streaming capabilities. If they aren’t up to snuff, we will provide solutions that can get you your desired result.

Production & Broadcast Services:

  • Event Videography. Our professional crew of videographers will capture your event in full HD!
  • Real-time Interactivity. Add Twitter chats, private chatrooms, or interactive polls to your event page – keeping your viewers engaged and their eyes on your page!
  • Presentation Integration. With our advanced live switching tools, we can mix your PowerPoint presentation directly into your broadcast in real-time.
  • Monetization.Create an additional revenue stream by adding a paywall, subscription, or even sponsorship packages for your stream.


  • Event Highlight Reels. Keep your audience engaged after your event is completed with a beautiful highlight reel. We’ll capture the essence of your event and can include customer testimonials, specialty cinematography such as drone or jib shots, and clips of your most popular keynotes.
  • Project Archival. We will keep a back-up of all recordings from your event for up to 6 months at no additional charge.
  • Enhanced Post-Event Experience. Offer your audience the opportunity to re-watch their favorite sessions from your event. You can even monetize your archive!


  • New Ideas. Engage our team of experts to bring an enhanced digital experience to your event.
  • Proven Solutions. Amplify the most cost-effective solutions by leveraging your event data.
  • Attract An Audience. We partner with the world’s leading communications firms to find the perfect digital audience for your event.

We Support All Platforms

No matter where your audience exists, we can connect with them. Our supported platforms include YouTube, Facebook, Livestream, Adobe Connect, WebEx, Google Hangouts, or even custom-built, internal webcast applications. On all platforms, we produce high-quality, highly engaging, meaningful real-time broadcasts.


Some of the many reasons to trust us with your webcast production needs

Full HD Audio and Video

Broadcast-Quality Production Services

Encoding to the Platform of Your Choice

Real-time Chat, Messaging, and Polls

Integrated PowerPoint Presentations

Content Archival

Compatibility on All Devices

Custom Branding and Design

Password Protection, Paywalls, and Security Features

No matter your industry, Mainstream has you covered.

Our team has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. Find out how Mainstream’s live streaming services can support your company’s specific needs: