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Days of Production

Full days:
Half-days (under 5 hours on set):

Crew Required

A Stream Engineer is required on all live productions. We recommend an assistant producer if you have multiple feeds, you're going to multiple platforms, or you need a run of show generated.

Stream Engineer:
Assistant Producer:
Camera Operator:
Teleprompter Operator:
Audio Engineer:

Equipment Required

An Encoding/Switching Package is required for all live productions. If you're providing a live switcher, please include the make and model in project notes below.

Encoding/Switching Package:
Full HD Camera Package:
Audio Mixing + Mic Package:
Wireless Comm Package:
Wireless Video Transmitters:
Additional Laptops:

Services Required

A site survey is required at all new event locations. If there is no site survey, we will assume that your venue is providing a hardwired Ethernet connection, XLR audio, and sufficient space for us to set up and load-in.

Site Survey: YesNo
Branded Graphics Package: YesNo
Platform Setup: YesNo
Multi-platform simulcast: YesNo
Custom Event Portal: YesNo
Event Highlight Reel: YesNo

Additional Notes

Please tell us anything further we should know about this event.