Join Us for a Special Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting and Webcast on Radiation Therapy

Monday, October 2, 2017 at 7:15pm ET

Hosted in collaboration with Us TOO Prostate Cancer support groups in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

This event has been made possible by:

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UsToo Staff

Thank you for joining us! We invite you to submit questions through this comments field. We’ll do our best to address as many questions as possible during the webcast. We’d also appreciate your feedback on the effectiveness of this webcast by completing a post-event survey, which will be sent in an email to you tomorrow.

Mary Bach

Two years ago my husband had a wedge resection to his lung to remove several suspicious lesions. The lesions were positive for prostate cancer. More suspicious areas are showing on the recent scans and we are wanting to know if it is feasible to have radiation to remove those areas rather than having surgery. He is otherwise symptom free and a 16 year survivor who is just finishing up the Provenge treatment, receiving Eligard six month and Casodex.

Stace Larson

Can you define EBRT and IMRT and SBRT and Started Fraction and any other sort of Radiation Therapy? Can you distinguish between Photon Radiation and Proton Radiation or PBT? Thank you.


Can gel spacing reach high enough to space SV and adjacent lymph nodes from rectum wall?

arquimedes valenti

which is the most effective metod to prevent prostate cancer


Does the gel get in the way of fecal elimination?


My prostate was removed and I am among the 30% who get a biorecurrence. I am now getting salvage radiation treatment plus hormone trweatment. With the prostate gone, should I talk to my Doctor about the gel?

James Reid

I had salvage radiation ten years after my prostatectomy but after experiencing rectal bleeding a couple of years later, I have had two sigmoidoscopies with argon plasma coagulation (APC) recently. I have read a study on APC showing a mean of 3.7 sessions to relieve recurrence of rectal bleedings. Is there some other solution to rectal bleeding with it’s difficulty in controlling bowels?


what is the risk to inject the hydrogel? does it require a special certification for a physician to do the procedure?


Is there any way to verify a successful gel injection? Do you usually do this verification before the SBRT procedure?

Darrell E. Wilson

No question. I first heard of this at the PCRI mid-year conference in Los Angeles earlier this year. My EBRT therapy was in 2009 and this was not mentioned as an option. Between the 2009 radiation and the 2014 salvage high dose brachytherapy radiation I suffer many of the side effects – blood in feces, ED, and dysuria. I wish this had been available then.

Carra Bussa

Thanks for having a live-stream on the internet for this — it was very informative. I’m scheduled for radiation in January and was concerned about rectal exposure. For me, this was information just in time.

Rev\'d. Byrd

Well worth the time to be educated on new and improved procedures.
Thanks to the sponsor,support group and the US TOO TEAM🙏🏽
Rev’d. Byrd
8yr Survivor and Board Member Wilmington PCSG

Alassan Jallow

Thank you very much indeed. This is a real enlightenment as far as prostate cancer is concerned.