Join Us for a Special Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group Meeting and Webcast on Chemotherapy

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 6:50pm CT

This event is provided free of charge thanks to the support from our sponsor:

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Monday, November 6, Live from San Antonio, TX Webcast starts at 5:45 pm Central Time.

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Hello, I would be interested to learn if chemotherapy is possible for individuals with early stages of prostate cancer?

When do you start Chemo with CRPC

Please comment on low dosage chemotherapy done more frequently, e.g. weekly.

Is ARV 7 more common in men with high Gleason scores? I am 4+5.

Is there a way I can play back?

Why is it that men must endure palliative hormone therapy prior to being offered potentially curative chemotherapy?

I have had 10 rounds of Taxotere, one each 3 weeks, with a total decrease in PSA of 71% from almost 16 to a little over 4. Original diagnosis in ’04. Xtandi, with success for 2 years and Xytiga with no positive response preceded chemo with Taxotere. How long does Taxotere continue?

What determines whether ZYTIGA has stopped or is not working ?

Please clarify what are rounds, doses, cycles, etc.

is there a PSA point where you should start chemo?

Web cast was very intermittent, with frequent stops, starts, repeats, dropped sections, and video lagging behind audio. Was this just a problem on my end or did others experience the same difficulties?

I had a Cryotherapy Surgery last December. Killed 10 % of my Prostate . My PSA after surgery 1.24
Then in September up to 4.30 and now October 5.10 What does this mean ?

I am going to see doctor in a couple of weeks, but would like to hear from anyone.

Hi from the virgin islands