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    The Only 2023 Event Trends Report You Actually Need

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      It’s about that time, isn’t it? End-of-year benchmark report season. You know them, you love them—research firms and event production companies release their latest findings and trend predictions for the year ahead, driving our industry into its next phase.  And as helpful as those reports are, they can also…

    How to Improve Your Virtual Events: Tips To Drive Audience Engagement

    | Blog, live streaming | 6 Comments
    This post was originally published on 8/6/19, and was updated on 11/10/22.  “DE-FENCE!” “DE-FENCE!” “Na na na na na na naaaahh!” “Encore!!!” Whether you’re cheering on your favorite sports team, singing along at a concert or clapping at the end of a presentation, you don’t just experience the events you…

    How to Host a Virtual Event: A Step-by-Step Guide

    | Blog | One Comment
    At this point in our post-pandemic world, none of us are strangers to virtual events. From all-company meetings to virtual fundraisers to livestreams of in-person concerts, galas and more, we’ve all gotten pretty comfortable with watching events from the comfort of our own couches.  But when it comes to producing…

    What is a Virtual Event? A Beginner’s Guide

    | Blog | One Comment
    Virtual events have become a buzzword in recent years. But if you’ve never done one, they can feel intimidating. What is a virtual event, and how are they different from in-person events? How do you keep audiences engaged when they’re behind a computer screen? And how do you handle virtual…