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    How to Produce a Next-Level Internal Corporate Event

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    We’ve all been to our fair share of company meetings and other corporate events. And chances are, there are some that stick out in your mind…and some that don’t. Can you recall an especially memorable company event that you’ve attended? What made it so special? How did it make you…

    The 4 Steps You Should Take Before You Start Planning a Conference

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    So you’re ready to plan your next conference. Congrats! But before you start daydreaming about keynote presentations that crush, interactive brand experiences that surprise and delight, and a closing party that leaves everyone wanting more…we have to hit pause. (*Cue record scratch.*) We know, we know. It’s easy to get…

    How to Host a Virtual Conference: A Beginner’s Guide

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    Is there any feeling quite like stepping onto a trade show floor as a multi-day conference begins? The fluorescent lights, the flashy booths, the industry professionals cheerfully waiting to greet you…ahhhh. Especially after being home for three years, our 2023 Event Trends Report revealed that event pros are jumping at…

    The Only 2023 Event Trends Report You Actually Need

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      It’s about that time, isn’t it? End-of-year benchmark report season. You know them, you love them—research firms and event production companies release their latest findings and trend predictions for the year ahead, driving our industry into its next phase.  And as helpful as those reports are, they can also…