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Virtual Event branding goes beyond the colors, shapes, and fonts you use. It includes how, where, and why you choose to interact with your audience. In this 3-minute recap of our March 31st event, our panel highlights how to make your virtual event’s brand stand out in a sea of content.

Here are three takeaways from our conversation:

✨ Captions are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity. If you’re creating a virtual event, it needs to be accessible to all.

✨ When putting out an RFP, define what success looks like before you define your budget. Select the vendor that will get you closest to your desired outcome.

✨ Even if you’re not investing in branding, you still have a brand. No-cost solutions like custom virtual backgrounds and Spotify playlists can help create an atmosphere that resonates with your audience.

Special thanks to Anca Trifan of Events: Demystified for hosting a wonderful panel discussion.

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